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Alladins Gold-( has been shut down for the time being by the Antigua Gaming Commission pending further investigation into Alladin's financial problems.

Bettorstalk has learned that shortly before Alladins got shut down that Alladins was signing up sites on the net to their affiliate plan trying to get them to participate in hopes this would help out their financial problems.

Alladins Owner Eddie used to own the now defunct sportsbook Premiere League and now it looks like this will make 2 defunct books that he's tried to run.

Playersbet & BetworldWide-( & both books have reports of slow payouts. We tried to warn bettors regarding these books back in October of 2001. At the time it was reported to us that these books were slow paying along with having a low number of posts ups for the football season.

Some gamblers are reporting having to be paid in installments of up to 6 payments spread over a 6 week period in order to get all of their money.

Timbet-( has now been offline for some time and appears to be gone.

Grand Central Sports-( players are still reporting slow payouts on this book to no payouts.

Apache Sports-some credit players were stiffed by the previous owner and M&M sports has now took over all Post-Up accounts.


Gambling Stadium-CLOSES SHOP!!( has closed shop too. They originally purchased out the failing Abetz sportsbook back in 2000. According to website:
Due to the difficult economic times that we are currently facing and the uncertainty of the future, Gambling Stadium has decided to close its doors.
Good News is that is offering some compensation for players that had accounts at GamblingStadium HomeWagering

BetCamelot manager Mark Del was giving preferentialtreatment to friends on payouts before he closed shop.


BetCamelot-CLOSES SHOP!!Yes you did hear me right and it's official. Manager Mark Del could not come up with another investor as the one that he supposedly had backed out after reading numerous posts regarding betcamelot being a suckers investment. We don't know if its true or not but one thing is true and that's betcamelot was not managed right. Dipping into players postup money is a no no in the offshore sportsbook business.

The good news is the Olympic-( has stepped up to the plate to help out players that had accounts at the now defunct BetCamelot.

Here is Olympics offer to former Camelot players:

  • Camelot accounts with balances less than or equal to $2000 USD, the entire amount will be deposited into your new Olympic account.
  • Camelot accounts with balances greater than $2000 USD, Olympic will honor the first $2000 only, and deposit it to your Olympic account.
  • The transfered amount from Camelot must be rolled over at least ten (10) times before a payout can be requested.
  • This offer must be accepted before April 15, 2002.

WagerWorldWide--( player has contacted us regarding not being paid for some winning wagers at this book. The player in question is currently owed $8460.00. This book was recently sold by the original owner Kendrick to The Mint Casino ( We will keep you updated on the status of this players account.


BetCamelot--( having some financial problems. The current backer of the book has decided to pull out. Supposedly its because of the recent closing of Aces Gold therefore he was worried about his future investment. Also no other books would come in to buy them for the same reason the original owner backed out.
Apparently a new backer has come in though that has no prior experience in the offshore sportsbook market. I would keep an eye on this for the time being and be cautious about posting up with them. I would even recommend not posting up with them for now and let's see what develops with the situation.


It has come to our attention that the deal that is offering for Aces Gold Customers is that you must deposit 3 to 4 times whatever your balance was at Aces Gold in order for to add in the Aces Gold balance that you're out. If this is indeed the case then it is misleading as we originally posted the e-mail by regarding the requirements which appeared to be that you would deposit what your Aces Gold account was and BetRoyal would then match that. The only other requirement was that you roll the account over 6 times. would match your Aces Gold account.
However it is better than being Stiffed by Aces Gold.


Aces Gold-( announced that they were declaring bankruptcy and closing shop.

Anyone that is owed money by them can go to as they are going to try and take on most accounts that Aces Gold defaulted on.

We hear that Aces Gold had several books trying to purchase them before they declared bankruptcy
but, Aces Gold didn't go for any of the offers.


Aces Gold-( It was reported a while back by the Prescription that Aces Gold owed approximately $1 million dollars. Other so called watchdog sites bashed the prescription regarding the accusation made by them stating that there was nothing wrong with Aces Gold. However, in the most recent days Aces Gold has cut accepting Neteller deposits and payouts. They have also reduced the amount of wagers that they are accepting too. Also Olympic Sportsbook has ceased doing any transactions with them. We would recommend for the time being to stay away from Aces Gold until they can get this situation worked out.

Easy Bets-( Reports about slow pays to nay pays have been mounting up with this book.


Alladin's Gold-( Currently is being reported at slow paying several bettors at the present time. The owner of this book Eddie used to own the now defunct sportsbook Premiere league. It's been said that he's a stand up guy and will pay everyone. We just hope this is true and everyone gets their money owed to them. book has not paid at least 1 player money owed. The player in question is owed $3k and cannot even get through to as it appears all numbers for this book have been disconnected. They also own several other sportsbooks that we will be giving out the names of here shortly.

The following are some of the other books that they own currently as well to which the numbers are disconnected too.

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