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The Secrets on How to Place and Win Bets in NFL

There are many leagues in sports betting that you can leverage to make some extra cash, but none of them can match the markets that the NFL offers. Read our comprehensive guide of the most popular NFL bets and how to place them. 

DraftKings – Moneyline

DraftKings is a leading US sportsbook best known for offering a broad range of bet markets across all sports and leagues. This platform is best for placing moneyline bets in the NFL. For example, you can bet on TB12 getting to the final stages of the Super Bowl or Aaron Rodgers’s last dance ending dramatically.

PointBet – Spreads

PointBet is another US-based sports betting platform that you can join to place spread, total, or prop bets. The system awards users’ points based on the accuracy of the predictions. This sportsbook is ideal for placing NFL spread bets, and the more accurate your predictions are, the higher the payouts. You can bet on Trevor Lawrence helping the Jags top the league table.

FanDuel – Parlays

FanDuel is another excellent sportsbook that you can use for parlays, offering a wide array of games throughout the week that you can parlay. One aspect that sets FanDuel apart from the crowd is that you can bet on all the big players and teams in a league on a single bet.

BetMGM – Props

BetMGM is a new online sportsbook that strives to offer the best user experience by spurring engagement and creativity. It has a list of season-long NFL prop bets that you can leverage to profit as the season progresses. Examples of creative markets are: Will a fan storm into the field? Will the Gatorade be white or blue? Etc.

How to Interpret and Take Advantage of NFL Lines, Odds, and Bets

NFL Moneyline

Moneylines are easy to understand compared to other bets, as you only need to predict which team will emerge victorious in an NFL match. In this kind of bet, the margin of victory has no impact, so you don’t have to worry about the point spread. 

There is a favorite (-) and an underdog (+) team in every NFL game. The plus sign means that the team has a lower chance of winning the game while the favorites have a negative sign. 

NFL Spreads

Spread bets are arguably the most popular and preferred bets in the NFL league. Simply put, the spread represents the number of points that the sportsbook expects a team to win the match by and the odds of that happening. 

You can decide to bet on the favored team to win the match by more than a particular number of points set. Alternatively, you can bet on the underdog to lose the game with less than a specific number of points. 

NFL Parlays

Simply put, parlay bets are single sports bets involving two or more combined bets on one card. Unlike the two betting options already discussed, you can include moneylines, totals, futures, point spreads, and props bets on the card. 

However, each bet should be on a different game – you cannot bet differently on the same game. In most cases, the payout from parlays is higher than straightforward bets that entail predicting which team will win or lose the match. Every prediction has to be correct for you to win the bet. If one misses the mark, you will lose the entire parlay and wager.

NFL Props

Prop bets make sports betting fun and exciting as they allow you to bet on virtually anything that could happen in-play. It can be as straightforward as the favorites scoring first or a fan storming into the field in either half of the match. The outcome of this kind of NFL bet is mainly based on luck, which is why props are considered side bets.

How to Bet on NFL Super Bowl

Statistics show that NFL Super Bowl is the most heavily bet single event in the annual sports calendar. Bettors wager billions of dollars in the United States and abroad. The most popular and recommended bets for the Super Bowl are props, spreads, and moneylines. 

How to Become a Successful NFL Bettor

  1. Don’t Bet in Every Team

One common mistake bettors make is placing bets on every game played during the week, which is a recipe for disaster since decisions are often made hastily and out of emotions. Be specific and focus on particular games that are relatively easy to predict. Consider the team’s current form and past performance to determine if it’s worth betting on to avoid losses.

  1. Line Shopping

Line shopping refers to evaluating the odds offered by different sportsbooks and comparing the lines to identify the most profitable opportunities. The bet types, odds, and features vary from one sportsbook to another. Therefore, we recommend taking time to weigh the options available before placing any bet.

  1. Keep Your Emotions in Check

Unfortunately, you cannot predict the future, and anything can happen in an NFL match. The favorites may end up losing terribly to the underdogs due to injuries and other in-house matters. It would help if you kept your emotions in check to diffuse the pressure of switching your game plan randomly. 

Have a clear mind and mindset, and don’t feel pressured to place bets on specific teams even though their performance is not to par. Be open-minded and ready to revise your NFL betting strategy following consecutive losses. 

Final Thoughts

NFL is one of the most exciting leagues that you can place bets on in accredited sportsbooks here in the US. Keep a record of your wagers for future references and bet wisely. Have a budget and stick by it to avoid plunging yourself into financial turmoil. 

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